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When We Snap!

If we keep pulling and tugging on a fragile rope that has already become weak and worn out by prolonged ware and tare, without repair, it snaps.

People don't really pay much attention to the build up of all that tension over time. However, they sure remember the outburst or final meltdown, which they use as a profile to place us into categories.

When we experience a series of traumas, we are in a very fragile state, unfortunately sometimes, those closest to us bare the brunt of the fury when it is unleashed.

In the case of Chris Rock and Will Smith, who are long-time friends/associates. As with all long standing relationships, sooner or later one or the other would say or do something that hurts, often at the wrong time and place. Every individual has the choice to put on pause, walk away from or work through the issues in that relationship.

I won't comment on what a couple chooses to share with the world, but the whiplash/blow back can be devastating. Not neglecting there are serious consequences to the choices made by both persons involved. One thing is certain, it's a painful process that incurs losses and gains on both sides.

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