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Tuesday Backyard Vibes

Reclining on my favorite outdoor chair, grooving to reggae music, breathing in the fresh evening air. I can probably count a million other things that I could be doing right now, but it's that time.

Time to relax, unwind, enjoy the simple pleasures, beautiful music and the sound of my husband singing along to his own tune.

It seems like the flowering trees and rose plants are more radiant than the year before. Appreciating those things that can easily be taken for granted, or go unnoticed. Today, taking time to truly see, not just look.

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Vibrant red and purple flowers with clear blue sky background.

I find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time.  Often it is important that those closest to me jolts me out of my thoughts.  Getting caught up in all the stuff that goes through my head can be exhausting.  Talking it out or writing is a form of therapy and release for me.


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