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The Cost of Peace

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

As Russia and Ukraine are in the grips of war. In addition to an economic free fall and the looming thoughts of the global impact, how do we maintain a sense of calm?

We don't have to look far or long before encountering someone else's view on the present conditions we are all facing.

Social media for example, is used to connect people globally, but also causes major depression and anxiety for many, as the daily news seem to heighten fear and hopelessness.

The human propensity to seek distractions through entertainment or avoidance is common. However, in the midst of all that's happening around us, we often don't realize that our mental health is being challenged on a daily basis.

It is crucial to take personal time out to reset, breathe, practice self-love, unplug, connect to The Most High, the Source of Life. Take time out from the stress at work, a break from social media, put our phones down for a while, take a long scenic walk.

Peace is extremely costly, paid for in blood, sweat and tears. Let us be mindful that life is a gift, we are worth the sacrifice that was paid. This is why our time, energy and peace of mind must be valued and cherished most of all.

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