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In life I have learned to be content. You see, I've made mistakes, been forgiven, lost and won battles of grief, rejection, depression and abuse.

Still, I am most grateful for life, it really doesn't matter how long or short. It matters how we live and lives touched in the process. We live not of our own strength but in our weakest moments as we cry out to Abba, The Rock. The One, who has been keeping us our entire lives. Through careless choices, faithlessness, even vehicular accidents that could have ended tragically.

This is why we cherish the simple things, walks, meaningful talks, time spent with loved ones past and present. It's the understanding that every moment is precious, too precious to hold grudges, or even self sabotage your purpose. You are meant to Live in accordance to your gifting and share this with others.

In Loving Memory of My Mother...

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I find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time.  Often it is important that those closest to me jolts me out of my thoughts.  Getting caught up in all the stuff that goes through my head can be exhausting.  Talking it out or writing is a form of therapy and release for me.


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