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When we reflect on the beginning of our story we realize that the joys and pains of our childhood experiences made us into who we are today.

In this elementary graduation day picture, I'm very self aware at the age of about 11/12. My Mom made my dress and insisted I take this picture when I just wanted to be with my friends at the time. My Mom is no longer with us, I still miss her dearly and long to see her again. My father has always been present in our lives, yet emotionally distant.

My parents did their best to raise my two brothers and I to know the Lord Most High. For them this meant going to church, on weekdays and on weekends. For me, church could be at home, at the beach, on the street corner, anywhere.

My parents often got annoyed when I asked to stay home on some Sundays, even being the middle child, I struggled to feel like I was enough. Well, the most intimate encounter I had with "The Lover of My Soul, Abba" was not within the four walls of the church house, but in my parents living room.

It was then I discovered my identity and purpose in this world. The Journey continues and we all eventually find our place.

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