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Pressures Of School.

The adventures of student life can be exciting.

However, soon the reality of financial obligations for many students begin to set in. The constant worry of keeping up with rising rent, cost of school supplies and mounting demands of pending assignments. A family member may have just been hospitalized in critical condition. A student is dealing with the trauma of sexual assault. Yet another classmate is suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation, overwhelming anxiety, growing depression, eating disorder or grief due to loss of a loved one.

Students face profound obstacles and mounting pressures, which takes a toll on mental wellness. It is vital that we pay very close attention to supporting and facilitating healthy and balanced work-study-life-health outcomes. We can do so by incorporating daily activities which encourage positive thinking and feeling of restoration. Each day we can carve out time to relax, shoot some hoops, take a walk in the park, take deep breaths, focus on those things that help minimize and relieve stress. Such as eating a delicious bowl of berries or talk with a close friend, family or confidant. First responders are often those closest to us. Every student needs support.

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