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When I was in my twenty's I thought I knew what marriage was about, or at least what makes a happy marriage.

Now I can safely say that I had absolutely no idea! Nobody can really prepare you for what you simply can only fully understand once you've experienced it for yourself.

Okay, you find the man/woman of your dreams, you have plans for the future and exactly what your lives would be like together. Then reality steps in, you're trying to find your balance in a world filled with unrelenting forces intent on shredding apart every sense of normalcy. Life will haul every obstacle and trial it can possibly throw at you.

When you're at your weakest, it is the strength of the other that will hold you up. It is only in moments of crisis and heart wrenching difficulties that you truly see what you and each other are made of. What comes out of each trial will either strengthen or break you. When you have both done all you can in your own power and it seems like nothing is changing. If you and your husband or wife can agree to trust in The Almighty YHWH. He will see you through no matter the difficulties or obstacles in your way.

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