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Learning To Let Go

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

In my experience letting go is never easy. Regardless of the well meaning things people say such as, "it will get easier with time."

Whether it's the end of a long standing dating/partner/family relationship, friendship, loss of a parent or children; the process can be devastating without emotional support.

When we begin to experience sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, anger, irritability, chronic fatigue, loss of concentration or focus it's time to release our hold.

The first step to wellness is accepting that the choices others make are out of our control. Yet, how we choose to respond to triggers that cause illnesses and chaotic situations makes the difference.

Caring for our mental, physical and emotional well-being by detaching from unhealthy relationships, also means refusing to engage with or entertain abusive conversations and behaviors. Continued engagment with negativity enables that negative behavior.

Let God & Let God...

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