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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

We are like trees, the most significant part of who we are is often unseen. Although we're all unique from each other, our life sustaining resources remains the same. We need water, air and food to survive.

For some time now I have been studying the significance of root systems. I came across an article by Thomas O. Perry entitled; "Tree Roots Facts and Fallacies." Perry says in his article, "if a portion of a tree's root system is destroyed, a corresponding portion of leaves and branches will die as well." I have observed some plants of my own, they all require attention, care and have very specific unique needs. What I've learnt over time is that if the plant lacks it's required nutrients, which cannot be supplied with just light and water, then I have to do some research to find out exactly what the specific plant needs to flourish. The answers can be surprising, from specific minerals such as calcium, to physical touch, or cooler temperatures. The leaves, branches and stem are indicators of what's happening in the root system that is out of sight.

According to Perry, since there are layers of root systems, often oxygen and nutrient supply becomes limited, depending on it's location. The growth of plants or trees can be heavily stunted and restricted. When you see concrete slabs protruding from the side walk, often a tree is close by, the roots do not have room to grow and does not ultimately have the strength to withstand the pressures of it's environment.

In a nut shell what I'm saying is, it is necessary for us to take time out to examine the layers of our root systems; whether we're getting what we need so that our overall spiritual, emotional and physical well-being is at the highest level. We must face the truth of who we are as individuals, what we've catered to, allowed and fed ourselves. We have to take responsibility for our own choices, accept the consequences of our actions and begin to heal our root systems. The fact that you're still here, is evidence that you are meant to live a life of fulfillment, it's never too late to start the healing process that enhances our longevity.

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