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Get Out!

Updated: May 9, 2021

We build homes and communities to feel safe. Just a thought, is safety just a state of mind.

More than ever anxiety is on the rise, we are more uncertain now than ever before. However, each time I venture outside of my comfort zone I discover something new.

Design with Ease

“Talking with a stranger at the supermarket, made me realize how much we need each other. Strange encounters have encouraged me to take a leap of faith, and prevented me from making terrible mistakes”

Covid-19 has been tough on all of us, but if you were a homebody before, chances are its even harder leaving the house now.

Strange Connections.

I admit, its awkward at first to strike up a conversation with someone you do not know. Still, once in a while you muster up the courage to say hi to the unknown. One thing leads to the next, then you find yourself pleasantly surprised. You then walk away with some new found knowledge, name of an organization or individual that helps to open new doors and interests for you.

When courage leads...

“Who would have guessed.”

Often the most wonderful experiences in my life have occurred through unplanned, spur of the moment choices.

Get Inspired

Life is too short to wonder what if, or hold regrets for dreams we were too afraid to pursue. Just one step in the direction you want to go would lead to the next. So what if we tried before and didn't succeed, failure is to never have tried at all. The greatest legends kept focus on the goal, never losing sight on their purpose, no matter the obstacles. Keep fighting for your God given dream.

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I find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time.  Often it is important that those closest to me jolts me out of my thoughts.  Getting caught up in all the stuff that goes through my head can be exhausting.  Talking it out or writing is a form of therapy and release for me.


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