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ABC's To Healing...

Acknowledging there is an issue, is the first step on the journey to healing.

We can't solve a problem if there isn't one to begin with. Often times denial is used to avoid dealing with uncomfortable situations or painful trauma.

The willingness to appropriately address conflicts, are indeed the building blocks of self introspection and finding resolutions to problems which may otherwise fester into destructive living and outcomes.

Festering wounds may manifest as dysfunction in relationships, promiscuity, addictions, depression, rage, passive aggression, self hatred, self sabotage, eating disorders, social avoidance, manipulation, etc.

The journey to healing takes place throughout the course of one's lifetime. Experiencing discomfort or pain from time to time is a very significant sign of life. Pain alerts us that there is an issue which needs our attention. To avoid the pain altogether only means that issue worsens.

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I find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time.  Often it is important that those closest to me jolts me out of my thoughts.  Getting caught up in all the stuff that goes through my head can be exhausting.  Talking it out or writing is a form of therapy and release for me.


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