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Feeling Blue...

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

1. Talk with The Most High, pray. Talk with your counselor/therapist.

Isolation is never good when you feel depressed. It helps to also phone a friend, reach out to someone you feel safe to share your feelings with. In a time of a crisis, call your local emergency mental health hotline.

2. Long Walk.
3. Visit nearby park/garden/farm.
4. Turn up your happy music, dance.
5. Journal, write down your thoughts.
6. Sweat, exercise, play sports.
7. Pet therapy, spend some quality time with pet friend.
8. Speak with someone who always lifts your spirit.
9. Avoid engaging in habits/activities which makes situation worse.
10. Volunteer at soup kitchen, nursing home, hospital or homeless shelter.


You Choose!

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