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 GideonLife Therapeutic Mentoring Corp.

GLTMC Is About Therapeutic Mentoring; Drawing Out The Best In Our Women, Children & Community, Even In The Most Rugged Places.  Together  We Discover  Purpose.    Together We Heal Through Adversity.  The Truth Is In the Root!

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  • Discerning The Times
    Sun, Jun 25
    Discerning The Times
    Jun 25, 6:00 PM – 6:40 PM EDT
    Zoom Event Passcode: J4Np2T
    "My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge..."Hosea4:6
All My Stories

All My Stories


Hi, you can call me Avilady!
So good to have you here.  

I'm originally from Trinidad & Tobago.  I came to the United States at the age of 17 as a foreign student. It was not easy leaving my family and friends, but my Aunts stepped in to soften my landing.  I got my start in Brooklyn East New York.  I discovered the true essence, grit and beauty of what many refer to as the "concrete jungle," which draws multitudes of people from almost every nation on the planet. 

My interest in diverse cultures, human behavior, and social compositions of varied groups of people, intensified.  What inspired the birth of Gideonlife Therapeutic Mentoring Corp.?  As a child I struggled with self-esteem, debilitating cultural norms, understanding the world around me, or my purpose in it.  Teachers called me the dreamer, I was the one staring out the window, always curious.  Barely said a word in the classroom, but at home I could not stop asking questions.   The response"because that's just the way it is," only fueled my quest for answers.


Later Mental Health & Wellness became my focus. Twenty years of experience in social and restorative health, certainly helps to keep me grounded, allows me to see individuals and their stories from a panoramic vantage point.  My vision as a therapeutic mentor, restorative health and wellness coach and consultant, is to help people in their life long journey to healing and discovery. 

My Podcast

Colorful study room with orange couch, desk and laptop, facing window.

Things I've Learned...

Life is not a sprint.  One of my favorite sport activity has always been Track.  I love everything that the race represents.  At the start of the race, there is a bit of uncertainty and excitement.  The goal is to get to the finish line, you never know what will happen on your way there.  Life is a bit like running a race, it requires courage and faith to take the first step.  One thing is certain, the power of choice matters.  How we decide to get to the finish line, hinges on personal preferences and decisions.  We hold more power than we can imagine, in terms of the direction we choose to take.  Wise guidance in the process, can surely lead to longevity and fulfillment .

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“No Nonsense Approach To Wellness"

A No Nonsense Approach To Wellness

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